Hello again! Recently, I’ve been working on a project I’m calling the E-Fidget, a battery-powered fidget spinner for lazy people. Here’s the rundown:

How it works

Essentially, there’s going to be some vibration motors, arranged in a circle. In the center, there’ll be a button to make the motors turn on and off very rapidly, in a circular motion. The idea is that this will emulate a spinning motion, while still working in your pocket!

Software used

I’m designing the board in KiCad 6. I’m considering making V2 in Eagle ;)

Hardware used

I’m going to be using the RP2040 microcontroller as the brains of the operation. It’s going to have ~8 small, generic disc vibration motors, driven by transistors.

That’s all for now, check back later for updates :)


2022-08-06: Changed title to E-Fidget to reflect project name.